Action Corps Vermont is asking Bernie to do two things: Reintroduce his Yemen War Powers Resolution in the Senate and co-sponsor the Murphy-Lee-Durbin 502B human rights resolution on Saudi Arabia and its war in Yemen.

By Marydiane Baker, Greenfield Recorder

At a “meet and greet” town hall hosted by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Senior Center in Brattleboro on Aug. 10, Action Corps Vermont presented him with a petition signed by almost 900 people across the country, including many Vermonters, asking for his leadership now in the Senate to end endless wars, starting with the U.S.-backed Saudi war and blockade on Yemen.

mad bernie

Bernie met the December setback in his efforts to force a vote on his Yemen War Powers Resolution with a vow to return to Congress if sufficient progress wasn’t made on moving administration policy to end the Saudi war and Yemen blockade. On Thursday, Bernie reconfirmed that stance, stating that he’s not giving up on the issue.

Yemenis report that they continue to endure great hardships due to the Saudi blockade of their country. Thanks to U.S. support, Saudis control all the seaports and airports, restricting movement of supplies. Three round-trip flights a week, and only to Jordan, allow for little opportunity to obtain medical care.

Some have been stranded in Jordan for nine months, since the Saudis curtail movement of people also. Medical equipment is not allowed to be shipped directly to Yemen, resulting in unconscionable delays. Yemen’s current de facto cease-fire, while a welcome improvement over Saudi bombing, is not enough. The Saudi blockade of Yemen is also an act of war. The Biden administration is still helping Saudi Arabia maintain that blockade.

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