The lesson is clear – stop NATO’s eastward creep.

By W.D. Ehrhart, Bucks County Courier Times

The headlines these days are ominous.

“Russia warns of retaliation if its demands are not met.”

“U.S. allies are stepping up to counter Russia’s Ukraine threats.”

“Blinken: No concessions in response to Russia on Ukraine.”

“Will there be a war over Ukraine?”

It’s enough to keep you awake at night. Russia may no longer be the Soviet Union, but it’s still the original Evil Empire: unrepentantly aggressive, a bully, eager to needle the West at every opportunity, willing to risk war to achieve its selfish aims.

NATO's eastward

Or so our government and our mainstream media would have us believe. But once again — as Americans have always been so adept at — we ignore the facts in order to present ourselves as the righteously aggrieved.

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