Western outlets are showing us whose struggles against oppression are considered worthy and whose are not.

By Eoin Higgins, The Flashpoint

It’s been less than a week since Russia invaded Ukraine in a poorly-thought out war of conquest which may have devastating consequences for the world.

As Ukrainians prepare to fight against the overwhelmingly more powerful Russian military, Western media has portrayed their resistance to the invasion in glowing terms.

cbs news coverage screensahot of reporter referring to Ukraine as

President Volodymyr Zelensky is being lauded as a hero and a new world leader. The Ukrainian people are presented as brave frontline fighters from all walks of life, inspired to pick up arms in defense of their land.

Zelensky’s decision to stay in Ukraine and lead the country while being a main target of the Russian forces is undeniably brave. The Ukrainian people, fighting in their own self-defense, are similarly courageous.

But the way the media has been describing their fight and the conflict is telling audiences more than just the story of the people of Ukraine’s fight against invasion. The coverage betraying deep-seated bias in whose struggles against oppression are considered worthy and whose are not; and, in some cases, showing just how insidious the ideas of “us and them” and “civilization” really are.

“Palestinians are called terrorists for throwing rocks during occupation while Ukrainians are celebrated and shown on TV making Molotov cocktails,” tweeted Nashwa Khan.

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