Billionaires are spending big to recall Kshama Sawant, an effective socialist city council member in Seattle.

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout

An unusual special election in Seattle’s District 3 on December 7 will decide whether avowedly socialist City Councilor Kshama Sawant will be recalled from her position. The fact that Sawant’s seat is under dire threat is indicative of the contempt that Seattle’s business interests hold for her and her policies: The considerable victories Sawant has won for working people have made her the target of some of Seattle’s most powerful forces.

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant

Despite protestations to the contrary, it’s eminently clear that the well-financed political action committees (PACs) waging this campaign against Sawant are backed by landlords, real estate developers, corporate executives and other wealthy constituents that represent bastions of corporate power. After leveling disingenuous charges against her and engaging in months of misleading campaigning, they’ve now put the question up for a vote — on an atypical date, chosen to suppress turnout. The Kshama Solidarity Campaign and its coalition of unions, activists and working people have mobilized significant volunteer efforts in her defense, but the referendum on Sawant promises to be as bitterly contested as it is consequential.

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