One expert called the company’s relocation to Virginia the ‘WD-40’ for the ‘revolving door’ between industry and government.

By Connor Echols, Responsible Statecraft

Leading defense contractor Raytheon Technologies announced Tuesday that it plans to move its headquarters from Massachusetts to Arlington, VA, where execs will be a short walk from the Pentagon.

The decision comes only a month after Boeing said it would decamp from Chicago in favor of Arlington. With Raytheon and Boeing coming to town, every one of the five leading defense contractors will now be based in the D.C. area, giving them closer access to the network of officials, politicians and lobbyists that help these defense giants bring in massive profits. In other words, the military industrial complex has officially set up shop in the Pentagon’s shadow.

Raytheon Technologies exhibitor pavilion at Dubai Airshow 2021 exhibiting the American aerospace and defense company's latest technological innovations.

In a statement, Raytheon said their new location “increases agility in supporting U.S. government and commercial aerospace customers and serves to reinforce partnerships that will progress innovative technologies to advance the industry.”

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