Progressive Hub Roundup

The last week has seen Progressive Hub post a lot of articles on important faraway events that (sadly) most Americans never learn much about. Is the left neck and neck with the far right in Chile? Check. A democratic socialist candidate for president victorious in Honduras? Check. Observing the UN-mandated Palestine Day? Double Check.

What we know is that international solidarity and progress on domestic issues go hand in hand. We won’t stop connecting the dots. And we hope you won’t stop reading, sharing, and taking action.

Republicans’ Voter Suppression Plan In Georgia Is Working

Georgia election officials rejected absentee ballot applications in the state’s municipal elections this month at a rate more than four times higher than during the 2020 election cycle, in large part as the result of new restrictions on voting passed by Republican state lawmakers. Election officials rejected 4% of absentee ballot applications ahead of the Nov. 2 elections, up from less than 1% in 2020, according to an analysis by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Build Back Better Is Gutted As NDAA Wastes Billions With Little Opposition

The drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The ashes of Paradise, California. A tub of petroleum that once was the Gulf of Mexico. Rising seas, and storms that eat cities. Black people murdered by cops, protesters gunned down by teenagers with war weapons, and children shot by children in their own homes and schools. A lethal pandemic, close to completing its second year, fueled by a vapid anti-science movement with the vocal blessing of a disgraced former president.

The Real Extremist Democrats Are Extremely In Big Business’s Pocket

Long ago, in a United States that now seems far, far away, the coming-to-America story of Saule Omarova would be hailed as a stirring endorsement of our nation as a beacon for democracy seekers. Born in 1966 under the Communist dictatorship of the USSR, and raised by her Kazakh grandmother who’d lost the rest of her family to Stalinist purges, she grew up with a passion for Pink Floyd and political dissent that caused her to stay here in the U.S. after the Soviet regime collapsed while she was a grad student in Wisconsin.

Understand China, Reduce Tensions, Ensure Peace

China also has very legitimate concerns about being choked off in various ways by the United States, given that the U.S. is the incumbent hegemonic power. There are potential economic and military threats that China feels like it has to protect itself against. Closely related to those things is Chinese nationalism. There is a sense that China is reclaiming its rightful place on the world stage after being in a subordinate position for many decades.

Xiomara Castro Fends Off Right-Wingers To Win Honduran Presidency

The opposition candidate Xiomara Castro appears poised to become the first female president of Honduras in a landslide victory 12 years after her husband was forced from power in a military-backed coup.

Can The Left Really Win In Chile?

In the Chilean electoral system, to be elected president, a candidate needs to reach 50%+ of the votes. Due to the plurality of political parties and the several candidates running for the position, none of them can get enough votes to win in the first round, leading commonly to a second round between the two top candidates — in this case, between far-right candidate Jose Antonio Kast and progressive 35-year-old MP Gabriel Boric.

Reflections On This Year’s Palestine Day — By A Former Israeli Refusenik

“About 34 years ago, I willingly walked into the processing center for draftees in Israel. This was after an intense 18-month period of organizing, wherein I helped create a group of Israeli Jews willing to publicly commit to refusing to support the Occupation. As it happened, I was the first one to be called up from those that signed our official letter. It had 16 names. This was before the first Intifada, a time when Israelis thought the Occupation was cost free and would last forever.”

The Right Is Hijacking Progressive Arguments To Undermine Public Health

As Covid-19 has ravaged the U.S., many progressive healthcare activists and organizations such as National Nurses United have illustrated how the pandemic has only made worse what was already intolerable about our for-profit medical system; they’ve continued to demand universal, publicly financed, single-payer healthcare. Some on the anti-vax right have instead used the “preexisting conditions” of our healthcare system to discredit the people and measures trying to stop the pandemic, often disingenuously co-opting progressive arguments in the process.

White Collar Privilege: Why Don’t We Prosecute Corporate Crimes?

There have been 13 deaths at the Rikers Island jail complex this year, while white-collar criminals rarely even get ankle bracelets as they await trial. This month — as the Chamber of Commerce amped up its campaign to stall legislation that would hold the Sackler family accountable for the deaths they caused and profited from by encouraging the over-prescribing of opioid drugs — a poor man in a wheelchair was killed by Covid. He’d been charged with gun possession and became the thirteenth Rikers death because he couldn’t afford $100,000 bail.

We are here to amplify important stories that media tend to ignore, while we offer actions that can make a difference. Let us know what you think needs our attention.