A majority of voters support a continued pause on student loan payments during pandemic, past January 2022.

By David Guirgis and Kirby Phares, Data For Progress

In less than two months, more than 42 million borrowers will begin repaying federal student loans after the federal government hit pause on student loan payments for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet despite the Biden Administration’s own admission that a “large wave [of coronavirus] is coming” from the rising Omicron variant, the Biden administration says it has no intention of extending the pandemic payment moratorium beyond its current end date of January 31, 2022.

In a new Data for Progress poll, we find that the Biden administration’s refusal to extend the student loan moratorium is out of step with the views of a majority of national likely voters. Seventy percent of voters across the political spectrum, including a majority of Republicans, support pausing student loan repayments during the pandemic.

stacks of cash, college textbooks, and a covid mask

In addition, a majority of voters agree that, because of the ongoing pandemic and the threat of the new Omicron variant, the Biden administration should extend the moratorium past the end of January 2022. The only demographic polled who disagreed with the statement was self-identified Republicans; Democrats, Independents, and both college-educated voters and voters without college degrees agree with extending the moratorium.

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