If you thought the former Ohio state senator and Bernie Sanders surrogate was going to quietly fade into the background after her primary loss last year, think again.

By A. Bryan Johnson, The Nation

Late last month, former Ohio state senator and Bernie Sanders ally Nina Turner announced that she would run again for congress this year. The decision comes less than six months after her loss against Marcia Fudge protégé Shontel Brown in the special election for the same seat.

It also comes after months of uncertainty and speculation about Turner’s next move, particularly after she was quoted by Politico’s West Wing Playbook in a piece “Presented by Walmart” and titled “Rage of the left-wing machine.”

Nina Turner speaks at a podium

The piece began with a series of claims which were true at the time—and largely remain true today: “Voting rights legislation appears to be going nowhere. Student loan collection is expected to restart early next year. Some of the Trump administration’s border policies remain in effect. And the $6 trillion social spending and climate action bill Democrats had once envisioned had already been whittled down to less than $2 trillion over a decade, leaving many progressive priorities on the cutting room table.”

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