By Progressive Hub Team

Activist Selina Pagan told us why the Latinx community should support Nina Turner’s campaign and why the Latinx vote is a sleeping giant.

This is it, we are going into the final stretch! We are a few days from a high-stakes election that will have profound implications for the future of the progressive movement. It is time to show the political establishment how strong we are. We need your help to send Nina Turner to Congress!

Sign up if you can travel to Ohio's congressional district 11 to canvass for Nina Turner and if you need or can provide housing for volunteers.

Dirty oil money, PAC attack ads and corporate-Democrat endorsements are flowing into Ohio to try and defeat our movement and our candidate, Nina Turner. We are a threat to the status quo of corporate rule and billionaire dominance of our society and political systems. The forces aligned against us are powerful, but our people-powered movement can win when we stand together and fight back!

Bernie SandersKeith Ellison, Cornel West and others are heading to Ohio these last few days to turn out the vote for Nina!

We need you to join the fight alongside Bernie - Sign up to travel to Ohio CD-11 to knock doors for Nina Turner!

Can’t travel to Ohio but still want to help our movement win this critical election? You can make the difference in what will likely be a very tight race. If there was ever an “all hands on deck” moment, this is it!

The race is coming down to the wire.  Now is the time for one massive push to show the world what our movement is all about.  We need your support to send Nina Turner to Washington and shake the foundations of the status quo!