Kyle Rittenhouse’s actions fit into a long history of state-supported white vigilantism in America

By John Stoehr, The Editorial Board

The summer of 2020 saw civil unrest and protests break out all over the country in response to the racist violence of police departments. It was sparked specifically by the murder of George Floyd. With little recourse against the systemic violence of police forces, many communities turned to marches and riots.

However, despite some property damage, only one killing during protests last summer, out of 25, has been confirmed to be committed by someone motivated by leftwing ideology.

Kyle Rittenhouse against an American flag backdrop

Even though the data shows that 93 percent of Black Lives Matter marches are peaceful, the defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial this week is hoping to capitalize on the white panic that is scared of civil unrest to pretend that shooting three people, killing two who were unarmed, was self-defense.

On August 23, 2020, Jacob Blake, a Black man previously tasered, was shot multiple times in the back and paralyzed by a police officer responding to a 911 call in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Protests broke out almost immediately and a state of emergency was declared that night.

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