Schrader’s new campaign ad denounces Big Money spending in elections, but as treasurer of the corporate-funded Blue Dog PAC he has authorized $750,000 to a super PAC that is now running ads on his behalf.

By David Moore, Sludge

Facing a close Democratic primary contest, Rep. Kurt Schrader is out with a new campaign ad saying he opposes the Citizens United decision that allows corporations and other kinds of organizations to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections.

“The Supreme Court enabled billionaires and special interests to spend millions to stop legislation on everything from climate change to making them pay their fair share,” Schrader says in the ad. “That’s why I sponsored a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United and stop unlimited contributions to campaigns and curb the power of rich elites trying to buy our elections.”

Records from the FEC show, however, that Schrader has personally helped to fund the kind of Big Money groups that Citizens United spawned.

Rep. Kurt Schrader wears a tan suit and speakers from a podium

Schrader has been the treasurer of the Blue Dog PAC since 2016, and during that period the PAC has contributed $750,000 to Center Forward Committee, a super PAC that is now backing Schrader’s campaign. PAC treasurers are responsible for authorizing expenditures or appointing someone else to do so, according to FEC guidance. The Center Forward Committee has spent at least $385,000 on ads promoting Schrader so far this year.

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