The yacht-owning coal baron crushed low-income families while representing one of America’s poorest states.

By Brian Martin, David Sirota, The Lever

Despite representing one of America’s poorest states, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D) decided in 2021 to kill legislation to extend expanded child and antipoverty tax credits that were helping the working class.

taxes on low income families after tax credit expansions lapse

The expiration of the expanded tax credits resulted in more than three million kids being thrown into poverty. New data shows it also resulted in a massive regressive tax increase on the working class.

The numbers from the Institute On Taxation And Economic Policy are stark: The Manchin Tax Increase resulted in single moms with two kids who were making $25,000 a year being hit with a 12.5 percent tax increase, and married couples with two kids who were making the same amount being hit with a nearly nine percent tax increase.

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