The White House is using major U.S. news outlets to pretend it can’t rein in Israel — but the claims don’t add up.

By Death Penalty Focus

Gallup released a poll this week that found that for the first time since 2000 when it began asking whether respondents believed the death penalty was fairly applied, 50% said it was not fairly imposed, while 47% believe it is. “This represents a five-point increase in the percentage who think it is applied unfairly since the prior measurement in 2018,” Gallup stated. 

An empty electric chair at the end of the a room, black and white

Biden explicitly rejected these calls on Thursday, saying there is “no possibility” of a ceasefire, and is still lobbying Congress for an additional 14.3 billion in new weapons and military funding for Israel. Seeking to maintain its brand as a defender of human rights and progress, the Biden administration has instead tried a number of compromise measures to square the circle of its enlightened self-image with support for an unprecedented violent siege and bombing campaign.

Thus far, the White House has attempted to push a few face-saving measures. Chief among them is a so-called “humanitarian pause,” an undefined term which could mean anything from an indefinite cessation of violence to a mere momentary halt to the bombardment. This has not placated activists who are calling for a ceasefire.