An artificial intelligence program codenamed “The Gospel” has enabled Israel to acquire more bombing targets than ever before

By Ken Klippenstein,

When Elon Musk met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month to express his sympathies with Israel in its Gaza war, the two also discussed artificial intelligence during a little-noticed extended meeting. While Musk has repeatedly voiced concerns that AI threatens humanity, one of his own companies has been using it to assist Israel’s military machine.

elon musk and gaza rubble

Musk has long had an avid interest in AI, co-founding OpenAI (ChatGPT) and in March unveiling his own AI company, X.AI (Grok). But it is Musk’s SpaceX that is already using AI to launch its rockets, rockets that are being used to launch civil and military satellites into orbit. SpaceX launched the Israeli EROS C3 reconnaissance satellite last year. And according to Grok, SpaceX “uses artificial intelligence in various aspects of its operations,” including “to optimize trajectories and control satellite networks.”

The Israeli satellite EROS C3 (Earth Resources Observation Satellite C3) “is an Earth observation satellite built to enable ‘defense and intelligence organizations to conduct operations under complete confidentiality and data protection,’” according to Spaceflight Now. In other words, it’s a military spy satellite.

AI has played a central role in Israel’s military operation in Gaza. An AI program codenamed “The Gospel” has also enabled the Israeli military to rapidly generate targets at a pace far beyond what was ever possible before, a report by an Israeli news website revealed three days after Musk and Netanyahu’s meeting. Gospel has given rise to a “mass assassination factory” that has made possible the soaring death toll in Gaza, Israeli news website +972 Magazine reported.

If you have any information about Musk or SpaceX’s work with the Israeli military, text me securely via Signal at 202-510-1268. I will protect your anonymity.

A little-noticed reference to the Musk’s AI discussion with Netanyahu appears at the bottom of a Israeli government readout on November 27.  “They then held an extended meeting on the security aspects of artificial intelligence,” the readout says. “Senior security establishment officials in the fields of artificial intelligence and cyber participated in the meeting.”

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