The McGovern Petition is a tool for funding Israel’s genocide and puts us on the road to nuclear omnicide.

By John V. Walsh,

Nothing can justify a genocide.  And nothing can justify providing weaponry and support for those conducting a genocide.

Israel stop child massacre protest sign

Nevertheless, the US Senate on February 13 passed a bill that provides billions for Israel’s slaughter of tens of thousands of Palestinians.  It authorizes $14 billion dollars in military aid for Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza.  And it passed the Senate on February 13 by a vote of 70 to 29.  Of those opposing this heinous bill, whose names can be found here, 26 were Republican; only three were not.  One of that tiny trio, Senator Merkley commented, “I cannot vote to send more bombs and shells to Israel when they are using them in an indiscriminate manner against Palestinian civilians.”  His stance is to be applauded although the term “indiscriminate” is not simply the understatement of the century but blatantly euphemistic since Israel’s bombardments are carefully targeted.

However, whether Republican or Democrat or Independent, those who took a stand against the war and genocide that this Senate bill represents deserve praise.  The establishment of both major Parties favored it as did many pressure groups, including pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian voices.  So those opposing the bill will certainly be targeted and pay a price unless they receive support.  So, look for your Senator on the list of “Yeas” and “Nays” for the bill.  The “Nays” deserve praise and support, both public and private, and the “Yeas” a solid dose of opprobrium.

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