American weapons suppliers have jacked up their prices amid increased demand because of the war in Ukraine, in a move that could hurt U.S. defense capabilities, officials have warned.

by Chloe Mayer, Newsweek

Claims of “price gouging”— when businesses inflate the prices of their products by more than is fair or reasonable — were made by former Pentagon insiders, now retired, who are sounding the alarm about the current military landscape.

They are warning that the number of weapons being sent to aid Ukraine in its battle against Russia “no matter the expense” is depleting stock that can’t be easily replaced due to soaring prices. That comes at a time of increasing political tension with China over the issue of Taiwan.

Workshop of the Kiev tank repair factory in Kiev, Ukraine.

Long-time contract negotiator at the Defense Department, Shay Assad, who is now retired after 40 years of service, spoke out on the CBS news show 60 Minutes, which conducted a six-month investigation.

“The gouging that takes place is unconscionable,” Assad said. And the former insider, who previously worked for defense giant Raytheon, warned that the astronomical price increases are already having a harmful effect on the U.S. military.

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