Survey from Ipsos/Reuters shows respondents split on questions surrounding Taiwan.

by Blaise Malley, Responsible Statecraft

More than 40 percent of Americans believe it is likely that the United States will have a direct military confrontation with China within the next five years, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll on perceptions of U.S. relations with other countries, released  on Thursday.

The two-day poll, which was conducted online earlier this week, also shows that a strong majority of Americans think Washington needs to do more to prepare for military threats from China.

CHINA vs US background concept, Flags of usa or United States of America and China on old cracked concrete background

However, Americans are more divided on questions of aiding Taiwan, with half of respondents  wanting to provide Taiwan with the military resources to help deter an attack from China. A slight plurality opposes the deployment of U.S. troops to defend Taiwan from such an attack.

Overall, 75 percent of respondents had an unfavorable view of China, including 32 percent who said that they had a “very unfavorable” view. The negative perceptions  of China presented in this survey track with other recent polling trends which indicate that Americans’ views toward Beijing are at record lows.

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