The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow

The Zero Hour is a nationally-syndicated, progressive radio & TV show hosted by Richard “RJ” Eskow.

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Established in 2014, The Zero Hour is a one-hour television program, a syndicated radio show, and a podcast. It reaches an estimated 1 million viewers and listeners each week. It has featured global and US activists and journalists. It has featured elected officials such as Sens. Bernie SandersJeff MerkleySherrod Brown, and Tammy Baldwin; and Reps. Pramila JayapalRo Khanna, and John Larson, along with global voices such as Pepe EscobarVijay Prashad, and Tariq Ali. Regular guests include economist Richard Wolff, journalist Max Blumenthal, author Thomas Frank, and writer/publisher Nathan J. Robinson.

The host and managing editor is Richard (RJ) Eskow, one of America’s leading progressive journalists. He has served as a chief writer and editor for the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign; a Fortune 500 healthcare executive; a student activist; an economic consultant in more than 20 countries; a songwriter and a musician.

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