Reviving Pacifica Radio: A Call to Action

Pacifica Radio -- encompassing five urban radio stations (in the SF Bay Area, L.A., Houston, NY City and DC) and over 200 affiliated local and campus radio stations, and also broadcasting on various platforms – has stood for many decades as a beacon of unflinching journalism and unwavering commitment to social justice causes. However, the network’s survival is threatened today due to declining listenership and financial instability.  It is imperative that we come together now to revive Pacifica and restore its position as one of  the nation's premier platforms for progressive, independent news and discussion.

Click here to revive Pacifica Radio

Taking Action: To prevent Pacifica's failure, we urge you to become a member, or renew your possibly long abandoned membership and vote for the New Day slate. You can vote by making a $25 donation for your membership. Click on the link for your station:

This is not an official communication from KPFA, KPFK, KPFT, WPFW or WBAI, their respective local station boards, or the Pacifica Foundation.